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At Higher Horizons, we are dedicated to providing therapy services to children and adolescents. We also assist adults in creating environments that aid children in excelling despite their difficulties or life circumstances. The dedicated members of the Higher Horizons team include:

Dr. Clarissa Belle

Licensed Psychologist and Owner

I am a wife, mother, and psychologist. Through the development of safe and supportive relationships, I assist children, adolescents, and child-serving systems in healing from traumatic experiences. During my doctoral studies at University of Kentucky and 10-years of professional experiences across numerous settings, such as school-based mental health clinics, university research and clinical settings, community mental health, and private practice, I have come to understand there is often significant pain behind the tough exterior and withdrawn demeanor of children and adolescents. Coping with traumatic and terrifying life events is hard and witnessing and sharing the pain of others at times is difficult, as well.  However, I continue to persevere because children get better, families heal, and systems become stronger. I am blessed and honored to be a part of this process and look forward to assisting your family or organization on their journey.

Jill Rogers is Certified School Psychologist and Temporary Licensed Psychologist in Kentucky.  She is a native Central Kentuckian who attended Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky where she obtained her Bachelors. Masters and Doctorate degrees. Her education allowed her to provide mental health support services in the education and clinical settings while conducting research on domestic violence, trauma, and mindfulness. She has also taught undergraduate and graduate level courses at local colleges and universities. Dr. Rogers has a passion for empowering young people and their families to overcome challenges that life presents through trauma informed care and mindfulness practices.  She practices mindfulness daily in between spending time with her family, friends, and pets, and enjoying nature. 


Dr. Jill Rogers

Certified School Psychologist and Temporary Licensed Psychologist

Chesmore Montique, M.A

Doctoral Practicum Student

Chesmore is a first-year doctoral student in UK’s Counseling Psychology program, where he intends to continue his research on the mental health of Black women as impacted by their lived experiences with an intersectional identity. Chesmore comes to UK after previously earning his BA from Morehouse College in Psychology with a minor in Spanish. He also earned his MA in Psychology from American University.

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